The table below shows all possible reference type that will be available in a Warehousing API Request. Required fields are in bold text.

 Order Types

Reference TypeTypeDescriptionRequired
N string Normal Order Default
I string Transfer stock between internal Warehouses  
D string Order to dispose of expired stock in the system  
O string Export or Overseas Order  

Freight Classes

Freight Class ValueWeight Range Per Cubic FootDescriptionCost
50 over 50 lbs – Clean Freight Fits on standard shrink-wrapped 4X4 pallet, very durable Lowest Cost
55 35-50 pounds Bricks, cement, mortar, hardwood flooring  
60 30-35 pounds Car accessories & car parts  
65 22.5-30 pounds Car accessories & car parts, bottled beverages, books in boxes  
70 Car accessories & car parts, food items, automobile engines 15 to 22.5 pounds  
77.5 13.5 to 15 pounds Tires, bathroom fixtures  
85 12-13.5 pounds Crated machinery, cast iron stoves  
92.5 10.5-12 pounds Computers, monitors, refrigerators  
100 9-10.5 pounds Boat covers, car covers, canvas, wine cases, caskets  
110 8-9 pounds Cabinets, framed artwork, table saw  
125 7-8 pounds Small Household appliances  
150 6-7 pounds Auto sheet metal parts, bookcases  
175 5-6 pounds Clothing, couches stuffed furniture  
200 4-5 pounds Auto sheet metal parts, aircraft parts, aluminium table, packaged mattresses  
250 3-4 pounds Bamboo furniture, mattress and box spring, plasma TV  
300 2-3 pounds wood cabinets, tables, chairs setup, model boats  
400 1-2 pounds Deer antlers  
500 Less than 1 lbs – Low Density or High Value Bags of gold dust, ping pong balls Highest Cost
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