The table below shows all possible reference type that will be available in a Warehousing API Request. Required fields are in bold text.


Lists each country and which region it belongs to. Region is required in all warehouse order requests.

Also provides service type for each country and region combination.

CountryRegionDescriptionService Type
New Zealand NZ For New Zealand warehouses, please use region NZ, service type WarehousingNZ WarehousingNZ
Australia AU For Australian warehouses, please use region AU, service type WarehousingAU WarehousingAU 
United States of America US For Americas warehouses, please use region US, service type WarehousingUS WarehousingUS
Canada US For Canadian warehouses, please use region US, service type WarehousingCA WarehousingCA
United Kingdom UK For United Kingdom warehouses, please use region UK, service type WarehousingUK WarehousingUK
Asia AS For Asian warehouses, please use region AS, service type WarehousingAS WarehousingAS


 Order Types

Reference TypeTypeDescriptionRequired
N string Normal Order Default
I string Transfer stock between internal Warehouses  
D string Order to dispose of expired stock in the system  
O string Export or Overseas Order  

Freight Classes

Freight Class ValueWeight Range Per Cubic FootDescriptionCost
50 over 50 lbs – Clean Freight Fits on standard shrink-wrapped 4X4 pallet, very durable Lowest Cost
55 35-50 pounds Bricks, cement, mortar, hardwood flooring  
60 30-35 pounds Car accessories & car parts  
65 22.5-30 pounds Car accessories & car parts, bottled beverages, books in boxes  
70 Car accessories & car parts, food items, automobile engines 15 to 22.5 pounds  
77.5 13.5 to 15 pounds Tires, bathroom fixtures  
85 12-13.5 pounds Crated machinery, cast iron stoves  
92.5 10.5-12 pounds Computers, monitors, refrigerators  
100 9-10.5 pounds Boat covers, car covers, canvas, wine cases, caskets  
110 8-9 pounds Cabinets, framed artwork, table saw  
125 7-8 pounds Small Household appliances  
150 6-7 pounds Auto sheet metal parts, bookcases  
175 5-6 pounds Clothing, couches stuffed furniture  
200 4-5 pounds Auto sheet metal parts, aircraft parts, aluminium table, packaged mattresses  
250 3-4 pounds Bamboo furniture, mattress and box spring, plasma TV  
300 2-3 pounds wood cabinets, tables, chairs setup, model boats  
400 1-2 pounds Deer antlers  
500 Less than 1 lbs – Low Density or High Value Bags of gold dust, ping pong balls Highest Cost
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