The Tracking API allows users to get the current status of freight references, providing two methods: References and References with Events.

Provided in the response are chained references (currently offered for Warehousing and Transport), Proof of Delivery links and Signed By.

All methods utilise a RESTful approach; supporting both XML and JSON formats. 

Available Methods 


An API key is required for all requests. Please contact the Mainfreight team to receive an API key. These API keys will only be valid in the environment it is created for.

API Terms of Use

By registering for and/or accessing any API found on this developer website, you understand and have agreed to our API Terms of Use.

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As with the Mainfreight Public Freight Tracker, document details provided by Tracking API follows applicable privacy legislation. Therefore, the provided document information will depend on the user’s login type. If the user belongs to a group that has any relationship with the document, the data returned is going to be more specific than a normal user that has no relationship with the document.


Mainfreight uses time zone definitions consistent with TimezoneDB. Responses will include both the UTC time in addition to the local time of the timezone the transaction occurred in.


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