Response Code List

200 The request was successfully processed  
204 The request was successfully processed and there is no content in the response payload body  
400 Bad request. Input is invalid and should be changed before resubmitting the request  
401 Unauthorised. The request lacks valid credentials for the target resource  
429 Too many requests. The request will not be processed as the rate limit has been reached. It can be retried later  
500 Internal server error or malformed request  
NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.


The table below shows all error codes and a description the Logistics API Request can return.

Unique CodeHTTP CodeTargetNameDetail MesssageDetail Target
LOG000.000 500   InternalServerError Unique number: {0}  
LOG001.000 401 Authorization HTTP Request Header ApiKey_MissingCredentials  Missing credentials  
LOG001.001 401 Authorization HTTP Request Header ApiKey_AuthenticationError  An error has occurred during authentication  
LOG001.002 401 Authorization HTTP Request Header ApiKey_Unauthorized  Credentials you provide are not valid  
LOG002.000 401 MFT-Authorization, MFT-Authorization-IP-Address, MFT-Authorization-User-Agent HTTP Request Headers Logistic_NotAllowed  Session secret is not allowed for your API Key  
LOG003.000 400 parties Party_Validation_Error Party type '{0}' or party code for '{0}' is missing or invalid party