Inward Delete

Allows customers to remove an existing warehousing inward in the internal WMS as long as the order has not been processed.

Note: No content will be returned


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Resource URI

Make an HTTP DELETE request to:{inwardID}/?region={add region}

Resource Information

Authentication API Key  
Response Formats JSON / XML  
HTTP Methods DEL  
API Version 1.1  

HTTP Headers

You must add the following HTTP Headers to your request:

Content-Type string Request content type. Supported types are "application/json" or "application/xml."
Authorization string

The word "Secret" followed by a space, then your unique Logistics API Key.

e.g: Secret wdnOId93-VXZECxvVRPQEJZNxPB5XZ...


You must provide the parameters marked as required:

HTTP Request Parameters

inward id

Provided in the API response when order is created

string Yes

Region code, a list of supported regions for each country can be found here

string Yes

Response Parameters

Responds with an HTTP 204 response code on success.

Code samples


To Delete an Inward you will need to set the HTTP method to DEL and pass the Inward ID into the URL as a parameter:

  • URL
< > grab code

You are going an HTTP response similar to this:

< > grab code
Responds with an HTTP 204 response code on success.
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