The table below shows all possible reference type that will be available in a Logistics API Request. Required fields are in bold text.


Lists each country and which region it belongs to. Region is required in all warehouse inward requests.

Also provides service type for each country and region combination.

CountryRegionDescriptionService Type
New Zealand NZ For New Zealand warehouses, please use region NZ, service type WarehousingNZ WarehousingNZ
Australia AU For Australian warehouses, please use region AU, service type WarehousingAU WarehousingAU 
United States of America US For Americas warehouses, please use region US, service type WarehousingUS WarehousingUS
Canada US For Canadian warehouses, please use region US, service type WarehousingCA WarehousingCA
United Kingdom UK For United Kingdom warehouses, please use region UK, service type WarehousingUK WarehousingUK
Asia AS For Asian warehouses, please use region AS, service type WarehousingAS WarehousingAS


Note Types

All notes will have a 50 character limit unless specified otherwise.

Reference TypeAdditional FieldsDescriptionRequired
Note value Notes for the inward  

Inward Types

Reference TypeTypeDescriptionRequired
G string Normal GRN Default
X string Cross Dock  
D string Damaged Goods  
O string Overseas Receipt  
R string Trade Returns  
T string Warehouse Transfer  

Stock Status Types

Reference TypeTypeDescriptionRequired
N string Normal Default
H string On Hold  
D string Damaged  
R string Restricted  
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