Warehousing API - Updates Required

Posted on 7 November 2022

Mainfreight Warehousing API now requires a region query parameter which is used for routing the request. This change covers the following methods:

  • Order Create / Update / Delete
    • https://api.mainfreight.com/warehousing/1.1/Customers/Order?region={RegionParameter}
  • Inward Create / Update / Delete
    • https://api.mainfreight.com/Warehousing/1.1/Customers/Inward?region={RegionParameter}
  • Stock on Hand
    • https://api.mainfreight.com/Warehousing/1.1/Customers/Products/StockOnHand?region={RegionParameter}

Region will depend on where the warehouse is located. For those customers warehousing in multiple countries, please check the country matches with the correct region. If the request is sent to the wrong region based on the warehouse, then the request will fail.

Here is a table containing the correct region for each country. If you have any questions, please contact your branch or email apisupport@mainfreight.com.


Country (warehouse location)Region Parameter
New Zealand NZ
Australia AU
United States of America, Canada US
Netherlands, Belgium EU
United Kingdom UK
Hong Kong, Japan, China AS


From 01 February, 2023 any requests which do not include a region parameter will fail.

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